"Puiul e bun."

Translation:The chicken is good.

December 15, 2016

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Is the meaning of this more "the chicken (dish) is [tastes] good", or "the chicken (pet) is good (i.e., well-behaved)"? Or would the same sentence work for both?


The same sentence could be used for both translations, but I guess you can imagine that it's a bit inappropriate to say that a chicken is well-behaved. You can also use "delicios" instead of "good" to say that it tastes good, and for "well-behaved" you can use "cuminte".


I'm still kind of confused about "este/e"


It's the same thing, "e" is just the shorter form of "este".


So why Duo declares the sentence wrong when I use este?


Me too! I'm not sure DuoLingo will ever clear it up. I think we might have to find another learning resource to fill the gaps that DuoLingo leaves.

I don't think Romanian is a priority language for them... especially when you listen to how bad the generated audio clips are sometimes :(

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