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"How many toes does a lion have?"

Translation:Πόσα δάχτυλα έχει ένα λιοντάρι;

December 15, 2016



In English, this is a general question about all lions. Even though the article is a, it is not about a single lion. If it were about a single lion, the question would be how many toes does this (or that) lion have. Is that also true in Greek? I'm wondering why πόσα δάχτυλα έχει το λιοντάρι is not accepted.


I wonder why I was marked wrong for: 'πόσα δάχτυλα του ποδιού έχει ένα λιοντάρι;'


Added now! thanks.


is the ένα necessary?


Yes, because 1) "lion" is the subject of the sentence and subjects in Greek virtually always need an article and 2) the answer would be different if the question were about 2 or more lions.

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