"Deputații fac multă politică!"

Translation:The deputies talk a lot of politics!

December 15, 2016

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Doesn't make much sense in English.


I believe it's an idiom. Am I right?


Not really, ”engage in a lot of politics” would be a bit closer. Make a lot of politics sounds super weird to me


Split meaning of 'fac' - to make or do. To make politics is nonsense; to do politics makes sense.


I've reported because discussions often not responded to. At the level for this block it was giving me word bubbles to choose. The English translation is so wrong that it's impossible to LEARN ANYTHING from this. If it can't be corrected it should be deleted.


To 'do' something that is normally a noun is becoming an acceptable way of expressing oneself in modern English. The language is evolving, and this form is being used more and more, especially by the young. It is also used with adjectives. Examples: 'I don't do politics'; 'I don't do losing'; 'I don't do fat'; 'I don't do poor'. The form is usually used as a defiant, strong, somewhat (over) confident statement of one's personality.

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The only way I see this working well in translation is "...make a lot of policy" which is definitely something an English speaker would say. It's not accepted though.


That's how I answered :\


Why not "Deputies make a lot of policies."


Duo marked me wrong for "The deputies talk a lot about politics!" The correct answer was given as "The deputies talk a lot of politics!" I don't even know what this means. Duo, we want to learn to communicate in Romanian; we don't want to be given nonsensical strings of words.


Glenn did you report this after you were ticked off by the "system"?? placing remarks here hardly ever works..the DL teachers dont have the time to read all oue comments a/o suggestions....in the long run sometimes a correction is noticed! what a language we are trying to learn....


j.p.haaleb I've reported a lot of these to no avail. The course appears to have been abandoned, although Duo urges me to pay for it after nearly every lesson. At this point, about all we can do is vent, and it doesn't seem to matter where.


yes, Glenn that is the only solution..just vent/remark and object to silly and worthless words and sentences....i am not a very diligent pupil but in a way i do want to learn more of this difficult language so that is why i do continue and make/copy silly sentences in order to be able to continue with the lesson! Good luck!


I laugh too every time they ask me to upgrade...for what? Romanian is obviously not a high priority for them and my paying would not increase the quality of the course. It's good enough for free but not worth any of my hard earned money. I spend it on resources specific to Romanian. :D


why not as translation: the deputies talk a lot ABOUT politics? this seems more logic to me than translatinbg as : a lot OF politics. it IS their job to talk about/discuss politics so then they can make (if appropriate) policies!!!


Is "do much politics" wrong in English?


Yeah, from my viewpoint.


yes politics is an uncountable noun, so it would have to be 'a lot of politics'


I expect that the deputies do a lot of politics. Would that be a valid interpretation?


i think, it's possible to translate - The deputies talk of politics a lot


We “talk politics” and “don’t do” politics in English so I’m not sure why so many aren’t wanting to accept this.


fac means here talk????? The deputies do a lot of politics

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