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  5. "Bạn có đủ thức ăn không?"

"Bạn đủ thức ăn không?"

Translation:Do you have enough food?

December 15, 2016



This pronunciation sure doesn't sound right, at least in the way words like 'có' and 'thức ăn' have been pronounced in other exercises, and differ from Google's (which does sound consistent)


First try I thought it was "Did you have enough food?" What would make that difference between do and did?


Is the "đủ" used here in any way related to đu đủ ?


Can anybody explain me why my answer "Do you have food enough?" was marked wrong?


Your reply is acceptable English, but is actually rather formal in style, even British-sounding. In normal conversation, we would say, "Do you have enough food." That is what DL's answer reflects.

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