"Eu am destul de multă carne."

Translation:I have quite a lot of meat.

December 15, 2016

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I might be an idea, for future reference, to add a section about these quantifiers in the initial explanation.


And the fact that "de" is used only after 19+ !


I have a lot of meat was marked wrong, but it is virtually identical to "quite a lot" of meat, what they want as the right answer.


This is such a specific 'random' translation. There are lots of very similar ways of stating this in english which are marked incorrect. If the translation is not word for word then there should be much more leeway given for interpretation of english similar sentences...


Did he say that?


I said 'plenty of meat' - in english i think this means pretty much the same thing?


"Destul de mare" can be translated as "pretty much" as well


There is no relevant 'report' button for this, so am posting here in the hope that a moderator may read it:- I used the wrong word, but instead of giving me the correct answer, I got only the meaning: "You used the wrong word. Meaning: I have quite a lot of meat"

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