How is Ukrainian different from Russian, besides the alphabet?

December 15, 2016


Pretty much everything my friend.

What is your mother tongue?

then how are you learning english?

Because I am learning Spanish > English... that's why it's an American (English) flag. It's called a reverse tree here.

It's a different language, so it's different..

Well, Ukrainian is the most like Belarusian. Ukrainian and Belarusian are kinda like Scandinavian languges (of course excluding Finnish). Then it's Polish with 70% and with Russian is a bit more than half. So if you accept for example Swedish and Norwegian as languages, the same you should do with Ukrainian and any other Slavic language :) The words are different, pronunciation is different (for example "г" is "h" in Ukrainian and "g" in Russian).

Yes, I agree. I understand Polish and Belarusian much better than Russian. Ukrainian and Belarusian are kinda like English and Scots. Sometimes, you understand it pretty much perfectly sometimes it might as well be Japanese!

Nice that a Ukrainian person agrees :) We in Poland call something hard to understand "Chinese", "chińszczyzna" or "chiński". Як це сказати українською?

"Chinese" українською це, "Китайська" і я не українця а ірландець ;)

Дуже дякую! :)

Китайська грамота (Chinese grammar)

"Це якась китайська грамота для мене"

Дуже дякую! :)

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