"You have the twentieth."

Translation:Tu ai a douăzecea.

December 15, 2016

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Ones more - why here sentence do nit include "o" and "pe" like in Daniel il are pe al unsprezecelea


Why is it al doisprezecelea but not al doizecilea?


The numbers 1, 2 and 12 have forms for feminine and masculine (for 12 - doisprezece and douăsprezece). While 20 has only one form (douăzeci). So:

al doisprezecelea (12th, masculine)

a douăsprezecea (12th, feminine)

al douăzecilea (20th, masculine)

a douăzecea (20th, feminine)


Thanks for the clarification Enchom! I don't know if there is some logic behind this, guess I will just have to learn those irregularities.


The grammatical logic is: doisprezece and douasprezece literally mean "two and ten" which leaves the "two" subject to the gender of whatever it relates to. Kind of like "doi si zece baieti". douazece literally means "two tens", meaning that the "two"'s gender relates to "tens" which is feminine, regardless of the context.


That makes sense, thanks Armatus!


It's almost correct douasprezece and doisprezece does not mean two and ten but two toward ten . rest of explanation is correct Doi or doua depending about what you are speaking


There is a logic if you think of 'a douăsprezecea' as the phrase 'two on top of ten', so this 'two' will follow the gender of the noun (in this case feminine, the masculine with the same loguc must be doisprezece). In the case of 'twenty' you say douăzece which literally means "two tens' and since zece (ten) is feminine you have to use'două' and not 'doi'.


Sorry just realized that you already got the explanation


No problem! Now I will definitely remember the rule after I read the explanation again. I liked that you specifically explained that zece is feminine!


Here again - what is the meaning of "il" and "pe". It is clean that ee can use them or not and this not change the meaning in english. Why?


This expression is not correct. Duolingo cannot say once that we have the right to say just like in English : "You have the twentieth" and another time to say that in Romanian, that the object must be more precise! with << Tu O ai PE a douăzecea!>


Tuday, it was accepted . I wrote "o aveți pe a douăzecea" and it was accepted. I think when you do not know about what is spoken AND it is the complement direct, you shoud precise the case by adding "...o... pe" or ".. îl ..pe ..." or "... îi ...pe..." Eu am a doua fată, tu o ai pe a douăzecea. A treia e foarte frumoasă" But I think it seems possible not to precise the case/number... I need to study more


Lol, based on the comments in the Daniel sentence forum, I guess this is wrong... what is it... Tu o ai pe a douăzecea??? #suntconfuz


The sentence seems incomplete. Tu ai a douăzecea șansă/mașină/geacă would work. Otherwise "tu o ai pe a douăzecea" is indeed the correct way.


Will the third sentence here be correct if it is not douazecilea but douazecea - tu o ai pe a douazecea


Shouldn't al doizecilea also be accepted?


Is this connected with gender ? Because tu il ai pe al douazecilea is masculine and tu ai a douazecea is feminine

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