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  5. "Sie hat zwei Beziehungen."

"Sie hat zwei Beziehungen."

Translation:She has two relationships.

February 15, 2013



Did somebody say 'promiscuous'?


naughty naughty


One of the suggested translations for "Beziehungen" was "relations." Can that word be used to mean relatives? As is "She has two relatives?"


Yes, I am a little confused by this too, or does this more imply that she has multiple sexual partners?


It means relationships of any sort. My interpretation was "She has two [romantic] relationships," which I think most people would jump to out of context. In specific contexts, however, it might mean that she has two familial connections. It's hard for me to think of a context in which it might take this meaning, though. Maybe, "Mit unserer Familie hat Sabine zwei Beziehungen." (With our family, Sabine has two connections). Maybe Sabine is married to your brother and Sabine's brother married your second cousin?

But yeah, out of context I just took it to mean that she's dating two people at once (though the relationships are not necessarily sexual).


I still confuse R and H sound, i can't pronounce R correctly, and identify it is a problem too


If you can gargle, you can pronounce the german "r" - it's a similar throat movement. Kinda sounds like a cat purring. It took me a long time to figure it out, but I got there eventually. Walked around Berlin like an idiot repeating "warum" haha. Just have to practice. Hard to tell when listening though.


I can't believe my ears


Apparently she wasn't say 'bitz Jungen'


I thought it was Bezielmen. even after guessing correctly, there is no way I can hear Beziehungen, unless "hung" is pronounced "LM"


Just a note, German speakers will sometimes use "zwo" instead of "zwei" as to not confuse the word with the similar sounding "drei."

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