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  5. You can't type in Greek!!


You can't type in Greek!!

I was on a Greek alphabet test and there was no way you could type in Greek to translate it! Does anyone know how to translate any other way to translate anything in Greek?!

December 15, 2016



You'll have to get a Greek keyboard. If you have windows, it's already installed. Look for your control panel, go to Clock, language, and region, then click add a language. You can add a greek keyboard from there.

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You don't install the keyboard it is already on your computer and all you do is access it. See here for how to: here then all you do is switch languages using shirt+alt. The link also shows you where to find each letter. Most are the same as the latin.


Thanks for the tip! :)


This is the same for me. Like how are we supposed to learn if our computers dont have to Greek alphabet


I guess you copy and paste it >:)


That's what I do. I'm not installing a new keyboard just for this course.

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