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El Nacimiento (Nativity Scene).

I was watching on netflix a chapter of Call the Midwife and, behold, the young nurses was setting a Crèche, a Nativity (manger) scene. Then I thought to write something about El Nacimiento.

Because El Nacimiento is the Mexican cousin of the Nativity Scene. Even the name is related Nacimiento means Birth and Nativity is also Birth.

El Nacimiento (also called Pesebre, i.e. Manger or, in Spain, el Belen, i.e Bethlem) consists in model figures representing scenes of the birth of Jesus. It has its origins in Italia (where it is called Presepe o Presepio, i.e. Manger), circa XIII century.

Some figures of El Nacimiento are:

La familia: Joseph, Mary, the Baby.

Los animales: Donkey (el burro), cow (la vaca), chickens (los pollitos), horses (los caballos), camels (los camellos), sheeps (las ovejas), etc.

Las personas: Sheepherds (los pastores), peasants (los campesinos), Magii (los magos o los reyes magos), inkeepers (los posaderos), hermits (los ermitaños), etc.

Las cosas: Houses (casas), trees (arboles), bridges (puentes), wells (pozos), barns (graneros), the grotto (la gruta), etc.

Some nacimientos are made up by a few figures. Other has some tens and even hundreds of figures.

Here a nice article about this.

¡Felices Fiestas!

December 16, 2016



Thanks! I've always wondered where nativity scenes originated.


De nada!

Realmente es un tema muy interesante.

Happy Holidays!


In my country the other name is "pesebre"

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