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  5. "Sie mögen schwarze Pferde."

"Sie mögen schwarze Pferde."

Translation:They like black horses.

February 16, 2013



why not (schwarzen pferde) ? , it's plural.


But there's no article in front of the adjective, so it takes strong inflection, which is -e for plural nominative/accusative.

die schwarzen Pferde (weak inflection) = "the black horses"; schwarze Pferde (strong inflection) = "black horses".


many thanks :)


Half of this stuff wasn't explained in the "tips". It didn't cover cases with no article, and the lack of explanation for this complicated grammar is frustrating to say the least.



I find it frustrating when duolingo does not tell me when i typed something incorrect. in this example I wrote "schwarte pferde" instead of schwarze pferde" and I was not corrected. so now I second quess all my answers. not sure how i can report this.

I posted my screenshot using this site: https://postimages.org/

Even though there are certain issues with Duolingo I still think it is a great way to learn a foreign language. My thanks and appreciation to the volunteers.


How come this isn't "They like..."?


"Sie" can mean either "you (formal)" or "they" here. If Duolingo doesn't accept "they", you should report it as a mistake.


Why is mögen for the Sie (formal ) form of you?


Because that is the way it conjugates


Dear Duolingo,

How am I supposed do answer these kind of questions without any former lessons in the lessons's tip section? There is nothing about the strong inflection in your tips... I had to check it in the forum and other resources which is annoying and this makes paying for the premium account worthless.

Please provide us more complete lesson tips. Regards


Morteza gets it. That's advertising for babble at it's finest.

Maybe since the German gendering of nouns is completely arbitrary they could put the gendered word in a gender appropriate color? Sure would help.

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