"Este ora zece fix."

Translation:It is ten o'clock sharp.

December 16, 2016

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Why is "it is ten o'clock" not working ?


What are other usages of "fix"?


"Fix" means imobile, not changing, stable, permanent. In relation with time "zece fix" means precise. "Ai picat la fix/ la țanc" (lit: you fell down at the mark) means you came at the oportune moment. "Înțolit la marele fix/ înțolit la patru ace" means you are wearing festive clothes. "La fix" means perfect, excellent. "A aterizat la punct fix" could mean sexual contact for men https://dexonline.ro/definitie/fix


In english you would only say "sharp" if you were agreeing a time with someone to meet or to start an activity. You would never say "it is ten o'clock sharp". You would say "it is ten o'clock exactly"


Or you might say "precisely" ...

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