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  5. "Brown yw lliw ei wallt e."

"Brown yw lliw ei wallt e."

Translation:Brown is the colour of his hair.

December 16, 2016



i can see that the literal translation is "brown is the colour of his hair", but wouldn't it be more usual to say "his hair is brown" in english? it was marked incorrect.


The purpose of this sentence is to practice an emphatic pattern, here to emphasise that his hair is brown, not black, green, fair, etc. In Welsh this is very easy to do by moving the element to be emphasised to the beginning of the sentence but yes, the English equivalent sounds a bit unusual as English generally relies on a tone of voice alone or on using a different pattern altogether.

The unemphatic pattern in Welsh would be:

  • Mae ei wallt yn frown - His hair is brown.


perhaps so, but it's not a natural English sentence - the norm would be to emphasise the word brown by intonation in speech, and perhaps by font in written English.


Yes but the correct English is still "His hair is brown" or "He has brown hair". Mangling English does not help us to learn Welsh. Maybe get a sentence which actually says, "He has brown hair, not grey,"? Then, if the answer was not "Brown yw lliw...." you could mark it wrong!


Got wrong with " brown is his hair colour"


"his hair colour is brown" marked wrong

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