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  5. "Ym mis Mawrth"

"Ym mis Mawrth"

Translation:In March

December 16, 2016



Why is it ym rather than yn?


This is explained in the notes somewhere.

In a couple of cases, yn - but only when it is used as a preposition meaning 'in/at' - changes its form, depending on the letter at the start of the following word:

  • yn + m- becomes ym (ym Mangor, ym Mhont-y-pŵl, ym Mhenfro, ym mhobman, ym mis Ebrill, ...)
  • yn + ng- becomes yng (yng Nghaerdydd, yng nghanol y dref, yng Ngerddi Soffia, ...)


Why am I getting an X for 'in the month of March' when Ym mis Mawrth has "in [the] month [of] March" in its help bubble (and more verbosely translates to it)? This makes no sense to me.


'In March' is the easiest and best translation. The hints will be changed to match shortly.

Thank you for bringing it up.

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