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Several possible issues and a report

Discrepancies between incubator pages:

btw I didn't check all of the courses.

It was quite uneventful when I finished my German skill tree an hour ago.

There wasn't any pop up congratulatory message while when I leveled up minutes later there was one indicating that I got to lvl 19.

Also in my Activity page it says only that I learned another German skill.

I don't know if these are bugs or it should be like that:

  • When editing a post the text box is shifted to the right.



  • There aren't any posts from Troubleshooting section in my Discussion stream even though I am subscribed to it.

  • really a minor thing: in German UI http://incubator.duolingo.com/apply


I am using Firefox 27.0.1

February 24, 2014



Thanks for this detailed thread! Really appreciate all the screenshots.

To answer your questions-

The Incubator pages show all the contributors, and the Duolingo pages show all-time contributors who have contributed to more than 1% of the course. That's why you're seeing different numbers on those pages :)

Thanks for the feedback on the finishing experience. We are working on that. I've sent your feedback onwards to the rest of the team. It is a huge accomplishment. Congrats!

What you're seeing when you edit a post should not go beyond the edge like that.

The German UI error will be updated in a few hours. Thanks for catching that!

I do see the troubleshooting threads in your stream. They aren't high up in popular, but if you go to the new tab you'll see a few.

Let me know if you have more comments or feedback. :)


Thank you for congratulating me and for answering all of my questions. :D

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