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  5. "Író vagyok, nem politikus."

"Író vagyok, nem politikus."

Translation:I am a writer, not a politician.

December 16, 2016



Any reason why author doesn't work here? Is there a different word for that?


Yes, there is: szerző. You can be the szerző of a book, a piece of music, however, you cannot say: Szerző vagyok.


Yes, "szerző" is not used to mean a writer, only in reference to a book. "Ki a szerzője ennek a könyvnek?" - Who is the author of this book. English can use "author" to imply a writer. Hungarian uses "író" only. But in reference to music, you can say "zeneszerző" (composer), "dalszerző" (songwriter). Not for books though.
"Szerző", btw, is derived from the verb "szerez". The infinitive "szerezni" means to get, to acquire. "Szerezzünk valami ételt" means "Let's go get some food." "Szerző" is the present participle of "szerezni". So it means something like "getter", "getting". And it is used in most of those situations when you actively get or acquire something.


And 'Gotta catch 'em all' is 'Szerezd meg hát mind!' – 'Szerezni' in imperative, 2nd pers. sing. form. Also, 'hát' is, well, 'hát.'

It's only there to let it have the correct syllable count.

Well, go get 'em all!


Would "Én iró vagyok, nem politikus." be correct as well?


"I am not a politician, but a writer" is marked as wrong. Would you say it has absolutely the same meaning.


Yes and no. Meaning is the same but the translation would be kind of different.
"I am not a politician, but a writer" -> "Nem politikus vagyok, hanem iró".


“She is his sister” and “he is her brother” have the same meaning but they are certainly not the same sentence.


"Én orvos vagyok, nem varázsló!"

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