"Aceștia sunt pieptenii tăi?"

Translation:Are these your combs?

December 16, 2016

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Would "Are these combs yours" work as well?


Not really: Your sentence implies that you know already, that "these combs" are combs after all, the answer can be only yes or no according to the owner.
The given sentence on the other hand is assuming nothing about "these". So the answer could be "No, those are my forks." :-)


To add, in Romanian "are these combs yours" would be "Acești piepteni sunt ai tăi?" (Edited based on Andrei's comment; I used definite articles where none should be used)


No, that's not a correct sentence. "Acești piepteni sunt ai tăi?" is the correct version.


The audio sounds partially garbled to me. I'd like to know what a native speaker thinks.

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