"Vinetele sunt mov."

Translation:The eggplants are mauve.

December 16, 2016

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Why is it not purple?


I was wondering the same... do you guys use "mauve" in English?


Mauve to me (native English speaker) is definitely a light purple colour, almost pink. Aubergines (eggplants) can be light purple but are usually a dark purple, almost black. I think a native speaker's input is needed here...


Native English speaker seconding this.


Why does Duolingo teaches us that color, and not how to say purple? How do you say it in Romanian?


"purple" = "purpuriu"

I think translating colors is complicated. "Purple" is a more common English word than "mauve", but "mov" is a more common Romanian word than "purpuriu" [citation needed]. I'm a native speaker and I'm not good with colors, so I would probably translate "purple" as "mov" and use "mov" to refer to anything from "indigo" to "violet", so I went and tried to search for some "official" answers, based on definitions from DEX:

mov is the color of the flower "stânjenel" (iris), and it's referred to as a "light-violet"

purpuriu is the color of the dye obtained from the snail "Murex brandaris", and it's referred to as a "dark-red"


When I hear mauve I think of this and when I hear purple I think of colors like this

To me, mauve is more pink than purple but that could differ from person to person.


I am.a native english speaker. Reading comments, I wondered the same thing. While most Ive seen are dark purple, I googled it and there is a type of eggplant that is mauve.


I just tried "purple" and it was accepted as correct.


In my world ;) ”vinetele sunt vineții” (and I think it is funny, like ”roșiile sînt roșii”).


VINEȚÍU ~e (~i) Care are culoarea apropiată de cea vânătă; care bate în vânăt; cu nuanță vânătă. /vânăt + suf. ~iu


VÂNĂTĂ vínete f. 1) Plantă erbacee legumicolă cu fructe comestibile, mari, ovale, cărnoase, de culoare violetă. 2) Fructul acestei plante; pătlăgică vânătă. /Din vânăt

VẤNĂT, -Ă, vineți, -te, adj., s. n., s. f. I. Adj. 1. De culoare albastru-închis (cu reflexe violete).


Is there no plural form for mov?


No, it is one of a few adjectives with just one form.

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