"Bạn giúp những người đàn ông như thế nào?"

Translation:How do you help the men?

December 16, 2016


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The recording is so fast. It's very difficult for me to hear "những người" clearly.

December 16, 2016


I can't seem to get the pronunciation of "những người đàn ông như thế nào".. It's like a tongue twister! Are there any tips to get that /như/ and /ngư/ pronunciation to come any more easily?

Làm ơn, giúp tôi!

January 19, 2017


What is your original language?

January 4, 2019


Is this asking about a particular group of men, or for humanity as a whole (i.e. mankind)?

April 19, 2018


I don't think so because những người đàn ông just means men, people = những người and humanity/mankind = loài người

June 22, 2018
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