"Bạn giúp những người đàn ông như thế nào?"

Translation:How do you help the men?

December 16, 2016

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The recording is so fast. It's very difficult for me to hear "những người" clearly.


Agreed, I didn't hear it at all, only "nguoi". It remains difficult to hear even after it shows you the sentence.


I can't seem to get the pronunciation of "những người đàn ông như thế nào".. It's like a tongue twister! Are there any tips to get that /như/ and /ngư/ pronunciation to come any more easily?

Làm ơn, giúp tôi!


What is your original language?


I don't understand the difference between "như thế nào" and "làm sao", both appear to mean "how". Are they interchangeable? Is there a reason you would choose one rather than the other?


I only managed to understand the dìfference when I realized I have the same in my own language! "như thế nào" is "how is" and is used to ask about the condition like "how's the weather?" and "how do know her?" while "làm sao" is used when asking about the method of doing something like "how do you replace the battery?" and "how do you feed the baby?".


Your explanation made sense for me. With "Làm" meaning "to do" something it would imply a manner or method when asking "how".

Unfortunately I have the impression that DL teaches it exactly opposite: "nhu the nao" for "how to do something" and "lam sao" for a generalized "how".

I wish a native speaker could solve this mystery...

Btw, how are your German studies going?


Good question. I'd also like to know this.


Could I also say: Lam sao ban giup nhung nguoi dan ong?


Is this asking about a particular group of men, or for humanity as a whole (i.e. mankind)?


I don't think so because những người đàn ông just means men, people = những người and humanity/mankind = loài người

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