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Teacher Feature

It would be cool for the future of duolingo to have a teacher account option, and if you were a teacher you could look over what your students were studying and how much time they spent on certain things and they could have it sent to there email (if they wanted). And maybe in the future the teacher could take exercises from some of the lessons and make assignments (you could add immersion to). Just an idea for the duolingo staff.

February 24, 2014



It's coming soon!


When is soon???


Is soon here yet? Do you have any updates?


Hallo, ja, wir planen Gruppen in Duolingo und informieren Sie gerne, wenn es soweit ist.

ps. Ich mag den Diskussionstitel.


I cannot wait for this!


I'm super excited for teacher and students accounts too, especially when English for Chinese speakers gets into beta. Duolingo is going to help my low level English students so much.


I am an English teacher for Spanish speakers and I am beginning with a new project that incorporates Duolingo to my classes. It would be great if I could be able to see what my students are improving. I´m looking forward to this teacher feature!!


I am doing the same. Really I am mostly going to use it for homework. I am also eager to hear how you are going to incorporate it.

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