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  5. "Τρίτος και τελευταίος."

"Τρίτος και τελευταίος."

Translation:Third and last.

December 17, 2016



I still haven't come across δεύτερος = second. Did this get missed? (I have completed "Numbers" and strengthened twice.)


As far as I can see, the Numbers skill contains πρώτος, τρίτος, τέταρτος but no other ordinal numbers - neither δεύτερος nor πέμπτος and higher.


Thanks for that. There doesn't seem to be a forum for suggestions about what could be improved after the βeta version, other than comments on the correctness or otherwise of individual phrases. (And I get the impression that most of the material is pretty accurate, and most of the material is useful for learning Greek, but there are a few phrases that sound a bit lame in English when other more commonly used expressions would be possible.)


https://www.duolingo.com/topic/936 is the forum for general comments on the Greek course.


Third and the last was marked wrong

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