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  5. "We are brothers."

"We are brothers."

Translation:Chúng tôi là anh em.

December 17, 2016



What's the difference between anh em and anh trai as they both mean brother ?


Anh trai means older brother.


Yes, I know anh trai means elder brother . How about anh em ? I guess.... anh em could be blood line/kinship thing or means they are not bloodline brothers but they have a very very very close friendship ?


couldn't anh em also be older brother/younger sister?


Why not 'chúng tôi là trai?' After all, they may not be older/younger, but twins!!


The twin born first is Anh/Chi....

Just wait until you get to what your children call your elder brother's children who are younger than them...


Could you ever say "em anh"? I wonder if it makes a difference of whether or not it's the older or younger brother saying "we are brothers", whether or not the anh only comes first when the older brother is saying it while the em comes first when the younger brother is saying it...?


I think there was a lesson previously which said something different - em trai or something using em. Same English translation, but different Vietnamese sentence. Can't this program be consistent?


Vietnamese is not consistent according to the linguistic structure of English

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