"Io ho un'altra figlia, ma lei è più grande."

Translation:I have another daughter, but she is older.

February 16, 2013

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Since when is "grande" translated as "older"?


I thought the same thing. Just always think of it in terms of "What sounds better in English?" Although sometimes when I do this I get it wrong. It really is about exposing yourself to as much Italian as possible and letting it sink in. Remember, no one learns anything by not making mistakes. It is part of the process. Take guesses and see if you are right. If you are not then try again. CIAO!


I have just seen a similar discussion in the Dutch course because Dutch and German use "bigger" with children in much the same way as Italian does. Which happens to be the opposite of how English uses "little" with children. A "little" child is small, young and immature all at the same time, with none of these aspects really dominating. Similarly, for a child to be "più grande" means to be bigger, older and more mature all at the same time. The best one-word approximation in English is to say "older" because it sort of implies the other two.


I translated it as bigger and it was accepted. Grande as older makes some sense. It would be similar to a girl saying "This is my big sister".


All I can say is that it can work in Hebrew the same way.


So is this a comparative construction in Italian?


I think we have missed the point here. "Più grande" not "grande" is translated as older.


Is there a rule for when you use an apostrophe (un'altra)? I feel like sometimes words are contacted and then sometimes not.


Just like in English, the apostrophe indicates that a word is shortened by one or more letters. In this case, una altra was contracted to un'altra, removing the a of una. I don't know if this particular contraction is obligatory, but it is certainly very common because una altra is a bit inconvenient to pronounce with its clash of two a's.


'Io' is not necessary.


why not Più vecchio?


That's how you can talk about your elder daughter if she is over 60 or so. It implies that she is actually old, not just older than a sibling.


My computer will not allow me to answer this question


How can I answer this item


How could one say:

I have another daughter, but she is bigger.

In terms of actual body size then?


Why not: I have another child but she is older


how would I say she is taller?


Lei è più alta.


Spanish, French, Italian all similar but!!!!! sometimes very different!!!! my, my

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