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"Οι νόμοι είναι απαραίτητοι για όλες τις κοινωνίες."

Translation:Laws are necessary for all societies.

December 17, 2016



To my mind there is a contradiction in this sentence which applies to so many phrases. The sentence uses the definite article before laws and then omits it before societies, in English it would read "Laws are necessary for all societies" or indeed " Laws are necessary for all the societies" if you had in mind all the societies in eg. a university. In a previous sentence Duo insisted on the definite article before Oligarcy and aristocracy which again is problematic, since in English it would be omitted. I know this arises from differences in the two languages but more attention might be paid to resolving the problem.


English and Greek are really different when it comes to defnite article usage. This sentence wouldn't make sense without the articles in Greek, even if they are ommited in English, and there are cases when definite articles are indeed ommited in Greek, that still confuse some learners, because there isn't something similar in English.

So we keep some articles in English to avoid some potential confusion -with a sentence that's actually making some sense, of course. Don't worry though, I see your point. We will keep an eye on it, thank you for your comment ^.^


I might be mistaken, but why isn't my answer "the laws are necessary for all societies" is not accepted, whereas "the laws are necessary for all communities" IS accepted?


It seems like we missed this one. But it's just been added, so both are accepted. Thank you ^.^


There is also a difference in the way the languages use singular and plural. How would this be said in English? "Law is the requisite of all societies". Edit: law is ο νομος, so the audio is necessarily in the plural.


The Oxford English Dictionary gives ´essential´ for απαραίτητοi´, but it is marked wrong.


"Laws are essential for all societies." The words "necessary" and "essential" convey similar meanings in English. Would you consider the above translation as an alternative option?


I know only "νομή" or "Νομή" which is something similar to "exploitation" or "jurisdiction", if you prefer. Usually, but no exclusively, we will meet it combined with the word "possession".

Your friend Kleanthes


Maybe it's minor but instinctively i put 'to all societies', and it is regarded as wrong...

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