"Apar zece câini!"

Translation:Ten dogs appear!

December 17, 2016

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Why is Apar at the beginning of this sentence in Romanian? Why isn't it "Zece câini apar!"?


You could do that, however "Zece câini apar!" sounds straight out of a poem. In real life you say "Apar zece câini!".


when you are in a gas station in romania and you get some food out of your bag


Sounds great to me! As long as they are câini and not lupi!


In Romania this isn't necessarily a good thing to have some dogs "appear". On my first trip in 2013 there were lots of stray dogs all over Bucharest and Craiova. They weren't necessarily dangerous, but the dogs did form into gangs, which could be dangerous. I was bit by one while waiting for a bus, once. But by our second trip the issue had been resolved, and there were much fewer stray dogs.


Why not 'there appear ten dogs'?


"There appears (a noun)" or "there appear (plural nouns)" [locational ?] versus "There appears to be. . . ." [presentational] are different structures. The Romanian sentence here does not appear to use what is called the "presentational structure" in English so it does seem to refer to a place ("there") impliedly [that is, as opposed to "There appears to be ten dogs."] Alo?


Hm..., maybe it is not called ”presentational structure”, but...

the Romanian language uses

"Par să fie zece câini." for "There appears to be ten dogs."

also we use "Par zece câini." as houdmoed said, it is equivalent with "Par să fie zece câini." but it is not the same thing as "Apar zece câini." because par has the meaning of look like whereas ei/ele apar means they appear.

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