"The lamp is expensive."

Translation:Η λάμπα είναι ακριβή.

December 17, 2016

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το φωτιστικό είναι ακριβό?


It's been added, thank you ^.^


I wrote "Το λάμπα είναι ακριβός" and it didn't accept, pointing out that i should've used "φωτιστικό" instead?


Don't forget about the genders ;)

The word λάμπα is feminine in gender, so the correct translation would be "η λάμπα είναι ακριβή".

(Φωτιστικό popped up because you used the article το. If there is a translation with the article you chose, then Duolingo doesn't mark the article as incorrect, but the noun -in this case, λάμπα)


I mix the words ακριβη and αριστω. The first should mean expensive, the second something like excellent. But, the second could be the origin of the word aristokrat, so therefore I associate it with unjustice.

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