Translation:Mam yng nghyfraith

December 17, 2016

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I got this right, using hyphens in the Welsh (which is a correct alternative) but was marked wrong as there is a typo in the Welsh answer. The first hyphen has been typed as _ (underline).


Just checked, and it is definitely a hyphen in the database. Probably best just to leave out the hyphen if it continues to cause problems - there is no need to use it in the Welsh here.


I think what happened is that it showed you the answer as Mam yng-nghyfraith and to show you the difference between its sentence and yours, it underlined the space.

So it's not an underline, nor a hyphen, but a space -- which was just underlined to point it out.


OK, thanks both - I'll give the hyphens a miss in future

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