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"El a murit supraveghind poarta."

Translation:He died overseeing the gate.

December 17, 2016



Interesting sentence. You can die watching a gate (for a loved one to appear) or you can die watching over a gate (leaning on it and looking up and down the road. However, to "oversee" in English means to monitor how something is done, therefore "overseeing the gate" would be the very strange sentence that he died watching the gate being made. Does anyone know exactly what "supraveghind" means in Romanian?


I interpreted it as he was the commander of the gate, it was attacked, and he died in command.

Or he was supervising the guard at the gate and just had a heart attack.


I wonder if they meant "overlooking"?


No, overlook means neglect / fail to notice (unless you're talking about a building - in which case it means provide a view over).

I think that the Romanian sentence means that the person who died was keeping an eye on the gate (to defend it, to catch someone...).


Yes well I meant the "provide a view over" version which shouldn't be surprising. It does seem that the most likely sense of the Romanian sentence is "looking after". Although "overlook" is close enough to warrant consideration.


I don't think you can use overlook in that sense for a person in English, at least it sounds weird to me (disclaimer: I'm not a native speaker). Your room can overlook the sea, but I don't think you can (at least it's not a standard way to say that you looked down on the sea).

I also do not think that "looking after" is the intended meaning of the Romanian sentence. Looking after means to take care (of a business, a person...) and and suggests that you're actually doing things to improve a situation.

I really think that the Romanian sentence just means that someone is watching the gate - e.g, to sound the alarm if something goes wrong it, to monitor the coming and going of a specific person, etc.

For these reasons, I think that using watch (or in some - if not most - contexts, guard) is the best option in English.

I'm pretty certain we can rule out overlook; there are only two ways I can make sense of "he died overlooking the gate" in English:

  1. The guy died while his body was physically above the gate.
  2. The guy somehow forgot about the gate and rammed his car into it, causing him to die.

Neither of these correspond to the meaning of the Romanian sentence.


Supervising ahould be fine


I disagree with that. You can supervise a process or some people, but not an inanimate object.

I think the only way to supervise a gate could make sense is if gate was used as some sort of metonymy for the activity around the gate - so you might be able to supervise Gate A at some airport, which I assume would mean you're in charge of the logistics there (and not guarding the gate, which I think is the intended meaning of the Romanian sentence).


10 months on, this sentence is still nonsense! It makes absolutely no sense in English at all. Please Duolingo Owl, can it be deleted or changed? (Native English speaker)


I think that in most contexts where this sentence could be used, "he died while guarding the gate" would be the best translation.

I know it is not exactly accurate, because guard suggests that the person who died was supposed to defend the gate, whereas I feel like in Romanian the sentence could just mean that he was supposed to keep an eye on the gate (e.g, a detective secretly watching the gate to note the coming and going of someone, which wouldn't be guarding the gate in English).

Otherwise, "he died while watching the gate" would be a good translation too. It makes it sounds like he died of cardiac arrest, though. "He died watching the gate" probably works too, but to me it sounds a bit like it is the fact of watching the gate that killed him, which seems unlikely.


Why do I have to use "watch" and "over"? Watch is enough


I assume this is referring to a gate defending a city? Otherwise, it's a pretty unusual way to die"


The English translation makes no sense. What exactly does the Romanian mean? How exactly did he die?

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