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  5. "Τι ψάρι είναι;"

"Τι ψάρι είναι;"

Translation:What fish is it?

December 17, 2016



In the notes it mentions that “τι” means “what kind “ or “what type” and I answered “what kind of fish is it?” This was marked incorrect. The answer is “what fish is it”. Why is my answer wrong?


Why is "what is the fish?" incorrect?


That would be Τι είναι το ψάρι;

Here, the τι stands in front of the ψάρι, similar to "what fish" in English.


Thanks! So i can assume that the word order in Greek will usually mirror the English and vice versa and that it will be the exception where this is not the case. This will make things simpler for me as a beginner.


Can't it be "which fish is it?"


That would be 'Ποιο ψάρι είναι;'


OK, there may be some distinction in Greek I don't understand, but in the English I speak natively, "what fish is it" sounds very awkward. Whether I am asking to select a type of fish from a menu or to identify a fish scientifically, I would naturally say "which fish" not "what fish". I might say "what kind of fish..." in some circumstances, but "what fish" sounds very strange. So I think there is a problem with this card, though the problem may not be on the Greek side, but on the English side.


A better translation would be "what kind of fish is it?" which in Greek is 'τι είδους ψάρι είναι;' or simply 'τι ψάρι είναι;'


Why can't ποιος/ποια/ποιο(sorry I'm not sure about gender) be used instead of τι? I did a sentence: ποια είναι η απάντηση. A while back and there it was said that both could be used..

Thanks :)


"Ποιο" can.


Can this be translated as, "What is a fish?"


That would be 'Τι είναι ψάρι;' different word order.


When said fast, it sounded like φαρι but when slow, it sounded more like τσαι to me. So that's what I wrote, tea.


i did write the word ---ψἀρι--- but the system does not recognise it and gives me back a different pattern of ψάρι. Is it possible that I (my mac) used a wrong accent on the a? I use "griechisch polytonisch" and the accent is next to the l/lambda.

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What I see above that α in your ψάρι is "smooth breathing", one of the ancient greek diacritics, and not the accent mark used in modern greek (the acute accent). Don't use the polytonic system, look for the monotonic one in your computer.


Thank you that is very helpful, I changed the keyboard to "Griechisch" = just Greek, all ok now :)


What is the fish? is the same as What fish is it? so why am I marked wrong? The answer means the same thing.

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What is the fish= τι είναι το ψάρι Is not the same as what fish is it = τι ψάρι είναι; The first one can get an answer like "it is fresh" whereas the second one can only get an answer like "it is a salmon".


If I wanted to ask if the fish was fresh I wouldn't ask "what is the fish?" To me "what is the fish" and "what fish is it" are the same thing. If you were in a restaurant and "fish dish of the day" was on the menu you'd ask the waiter "what is the fish?"

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