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Luxembourgish Lessons #8: Stress

Welcome to number eight of the Luxembourgish lessons, which is all about stress...no, not that kind of stress.

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Stressed vs. Unstressed?

So, if you were to go through reading a book or an article written in Luxembourgish, you may often come across pronouns that don't like they normally would. For instance, instead of seeing:

Du gi mir d'Zeitung "You give the newspaper to me"

You may see this:

.De gi mer d'Zeitung

They don't mean anything different, but often times you may come across unstressed forms of certain pronouns. Often times they are interchangeable, and speakers would usually resort to unstressing pronouns because it is more comfortable to say given the context.

Here's a chart with all stressed/unstressed pairs:

*Quick Note:

As far as I know, the unstressed form of Iech is very, very rare and is pretty much never used.

There are common phrases which only take the unstressed form, including:

  • Et gëtt "There is/are"
  • Wéi geet et dir/iech "How are you"
  • Et geet mir gutt "I am fine"
  • Et deet mir Leed "I am sorry"
  • Et deet Wéi "It hurts"
  • Wann ech gelift "Please" (lit. "If it pleases you")

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December 17, 2016

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Hey, that is funny, in Mestreechs (the dialect of where I am from), they say Wie geit 't (mèt) diech?.

That is so similar with your Wéi geet et dech? sentence!

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