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Google Translate has new high quality Ukrainian TTS!

I only noticed this now, but this is definitely the best quality TTS I've seen so far you can check it out here

December 17, 2016



You just noticed this? I freaked out a few months ago when Google finally had Ukrainian TTS! I'm glad you found it.


Мені теж! Yay!


It's "Вітаємо в.." or "Ласкаво просимо до..".

Just for info :)


Oh yes I remember seeing the phrase somewhere Вітаємо вас в епезоді somewhere, thanks for pointing it out


The current TTS is non oprerative for some. I found out how to bypass the absence of audio within the translator through sheer luck. While I was studying Ukainian on my computer, I used the Ukrainian google translate. I was shocked to see it had audio, cause on my phone it didnt. So just google in ПЕРЕКЛАДАЧ Google and youll get audio with it.

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