December 18, 2016

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I can hear no difference between the singular and the plural... Is it just the audio or is it just very difficult to differentiate between the two by ear alone?


As I understand it the final consonant is palatalised when followed by 'i', which is to say there is a slight 'y' sound after it. To me this is very subtle and difficult to detect.


It is definitely something you grow accustomed to. Canari has a very slight 'i' on the end which could almost sound like a small intake of breath.


I had trouble hearing the plural -i here too where I didn't expect this different sound after r. However, after unvoiced consonants like p, t, f the pronunciation of the -i made me think of Japanese so-called whispered vowels, in which you don't hear the voice, but you can still distinguish the vowel formed by the shape of the mouth as air flows through it, as in a whisper

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