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"I do not give you a book, I give you a cat."

Translation:Ție nu îți dau o carte, eu îți dau ție o pisică.

December 18, 2016



Ție nu îți dau o carte, eu îți dau ție o pisică. Is very complicated form. No romanian speaks or writes like that. The correct and easy form is : Nu iti dau o carte , iti dau o pisica.


Yes. In Romanian ,,eu" maybe can to be excluded


I am very confused. Sometimes the stressed form comes before the unstressed and sometimes after the verb. But I do not understand when to use which placement. I just tried eu ție îți dau o pisică but it was wrong. But the previous question required I place it after the verb not before the unstressed. Is it just that the computer does not accept a correct (but perhaps not used by native speakers) answer, or is there some place where I can learn how to properly place them?


the same problem and no one answer to my query. I found only one form in my grammar books - before and after key verb :(


Lol we got to appreciate the fact that no one took the time to write down a table with these words on the tips section. These minor courses should be more collaborative by letting the users to propose useful contributions to them.


Can somebody please tell me, why eu îți dau ție? Why not eu ție dau o pisică?


Because "eu îți dau" means "i give you. We don't say often that "ție" from the end. And what you sayd means " I you give a cat ". I hope I answered what you wanted to know (°~°)


"ție" is the stressed form, and you cannot use that one without the unaccented form "îți" as well. So it's either "eu îți dau o pisică" or "eu îți dau ție o pisică".


I'm assuming this is correct for the "voi" form of you, but how would one say this with the "tu" form? I've tried everything I can think of and they all come up as wrong.


"îți" and "ție" are the forms for "tu". For "voi", you would use "vă" and "vouă".


What on earth was I thinking?!? Thank you for clearing my brain fog.


I think this is the stressed form. Is this right? Is it the stressed form?


I do not give you a book is translated into <<Eu nu iti dau tie ocarte>>


Yes, just there is a space between "o" and "carte" ;)


There is missing an "o"


Is it always necessary to repeat the pronouns in each half of this type of sentence - or is it just because it is the stressed form?


Well you don't have to repeat the pronoun from the end from this sentense, it shows again that I give YOU a cat (i don't scream that "you")


But would that emphasis already be implied due to the repeated pronoun, in the first half of the sentence? Or do both halves need 2 pronouns when we are emphasis who we are giving something to?


I don't even know why i'm taking this course because i'm already romanian


For fun may be


For fun may be


In romana se subînțelege pronumele-eu. Ada ca este corect răspunsul meu.

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