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  5. "Ich komme gerne zu euch."

"Ich komme gerne zu euch."

Translation:I am happy to come to you.

February 16, 2013



Is there any difference between "ich komme gern" and "ich komme gerne"?


No, they're the same. gern vs gerne depends only on personal preference, as far as I know.


I do not see any difference between: "I come gladly to you" and "I come happily to you".


In fact, the German sentence means "I like to come to you".

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The tooltip telling me "like" or "much" doesn't help much.

But ok, I guess this sick adverb part will be a long and sterile trial and error...


This is my first encounter with "gerne" meaning "gladly" or "glad"... every hover hint I've seen just gives "like", and given this is an Adverb lesson I assumed it mean in the "compared to/similar to" sense of the word, "Pink is like red"...


"Gern/gerne" indeed means "gladly" or "happily" or "with pleasure" but it is often translated with "like" because Germans use "gern" to talk about things they like to do. In English, you say "I like to swim" (more common than "I swim gladly"), in German it would be "Ich schwimme gern" (more common than "Ich mag schwimmen").

"Gern" can't mean "compared to" or "similar to".


Ah, thanks. I'd misunderstood, as the first time or two I saw "gerne" in these lessons it appeared to match the "compared to/similar to" meaning of like.

Have to say this Adverb lesson is turning into a bit of a slog; three times in the last two days I've been at the very last or second to last part of a lesson and run out of hearts... sad owl is even sadder when it's the last damn exercise!


Yeah, Adverbs are a nightmare. From my experience of learning them in French and German courses, I decided it would be best to pass them as quickly as I can just to get to next units, and rely on books to absorb adverbs naturally.


wouldn't something like "I like/enjoy visiting you" sound better or more natural in English? It sounds strange to me to say "I gladly come to you" :/

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