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  5. "Nous mangeons du blé."

"Nous mangeons du blé."

Translation:We are eating wheat.

February 16, 2013



The program says that one translation of "ble" is "dough". I put dough because it sounded more reasonable to me: incorrect.


Me too! Annoying.


me six! but guys report the problem in the "report the problem" option, if we only write here in comments I dont think it helps them improve the program


why are we eating wheat?


In English, to mean that an action is in progress at the time you speak, you use the continuous verbal form, ie verb BE + action verb in the gerund form (-ing). - we are eating means we currently eat

In French, this verbal form does not exist (directly translated “nous sommes mangeant” is incorrect).

Therefore, you can translate either “nous mangeons” or “nous sommes en train de manger”, where the construction verb être + en train de + infinitive correctly expresses the English continuous form.


I understood the question to be more along the lines of, do the French commonly "eat wheat"? Or is "ble" a stand in word for any wheat-based product? Would you actually hear a french person say that they are eating wheat??


Yes, in France there is a brand, owned by Mars (you know: m&m's, Uncle Ben's, Pedigree...), called Ebly. The product looks like rice but it's wheat. If you want to see what it looks like: http://www.ebly.fr/


Thanks for the explanation and the link. I also answered dough because I took the translation to mean RAW wheat.


Please read my previous comment and visit the website.


aside from the other comment, my friend is on a diet where she doesn't eat wheat. in which case "I don't eat wheat" meaning any wheat products does get said in everyday life.


why does du mean some only sometimes? Why isn't it we eat wheat. only we are eating wheat or we eat some wheat. this is so annoying


I'm confused. Is pate = dough or ble = dough? On Duolingo it says ble IS dough too but when I type it in, it puts a big red cross in my face :L


I searched blé in google image....I believe blé is wheat.

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