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Future of the course?

  1. Might we look forward to a new "course update" thread? The July and April course update threads (both stickied) no longer work--for me, at least.

  2. Is there a plan to add Tips and Notes for the back half of the course? I'm curious what I'm missing.

As always, thanks kindly for the hard work of Team Vietnamese.

December 18, 2016



The audio for most of the exercises are still incomplete (due to technical difficulties on the day that the Vietnamese course was released), so the audio definitely needs to be addressed as a first priority (making sure each exercise has both a long and short audio playback). Without complete audio translations, people will not be able to learn Vietnamese pronunciations and will shy away from the course.


Also, it would REALLY help if we had the turtle-version audio that other trees have.


A little late, but I agree with what you said how the lack of audio could turn people off to taking the course. I'm subscribed to the Vietnamese forum because I intend on learning it one day, though because of it being somewhat difficult to pronounce and there being limited audio, I have not begun yet.


I think as you.

However I am Vietnamese but I also want to learn some new skill but Team Vietnamese is...

Sorry you, I am afraid of I can't understand all means of your post, and if I comment to digressed, I hope you sympathize

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