"Das ist mein Posten."

Translation:This is my post.

February 16, 2013

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I feel like this means more of "position" than "job". How would you say auf Deutsch "that is my job" as in for example, "sure I can do that, it's part of my job"?


I would actually have said: Dafür bin ich doch da - That's what I'm there for. Maybe someone else might express this in a different way.


I agree with Menschkind; to express what you ask for I'd say "Dafür bin ich doch da."

If you want me to translate: "Sure, I can do that, it's part of my job" I will say: "Sicher, das kann ich machen, das ist Teil meiner Arbeit."


What is this thing with the "Post " ? while the position or the job i can somehow get, the post seems a bit awkward to me ? Any comment ?

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