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  5. "Это серая мышь, а не чёрная."

"Это серая мышь, а не чёрная."

Translation:It is a gray mouse, not a black one.

December 18, 2016



"It is a grey mouse not black" is a suggested answer, but is not grammatical


"It is a gray mouse, not black" is incorrect. Should be either "The mouse is gray (and) not black", or "It is a gray mouse, not a black one." Reported 5 Mar 2018.


Also accepted: It is a grey mouse, not a black one.


But the words are not given as a choice, so you are forced to give the above sentence -which is incorrect - as an answer


Exactly, I think it's worth reporting.


"It is a gray mouse, not black" is perfectly fine, especially as an utterance. It is merely elliptical. This course is about learning Russian not about fussy hair-splitting with ones English.


can someone take the cotton out of the Russian mans mouth so I can understand him


Just accept it. If you are speaking to a Russian he most likely wouldn't speak as clear as you want it (not because he is russian but because native speakers don't speak like we learn a language in school :-D) Btw I think it is understandable what ue says - most of the time ...


So why do you say, "chorneh" and not "chornaya"? I know in Polish it's "czarnę"


It is technically "chornaya", but the last two syllables just blur together because the stress is placed on the first syllable. This happens with most words ending "ая" (like female surnames).


Why это and not эта , because серая and чёрная are feminine in russian ?


это серая чёрная = "this/it is a grey mouse"

эта серая чёрная would be "this grey mouse" - this particular grey mouse, as opposed to some other mouse


I am not sure as I have only just started learning Russian, but I think this could be the reason: эта is the fem. Sing. form of the demonstrative pronoun Этот (this/that). It changes according to the number, gender and case. Это (this/it) is indeclinable. E.g. Это новый дом (this/it is a new house); Этот дом новый (this house is new) I don't know if I am right. Hope a native speaker can provide a clarification.


It is more like, we treat "this" differently depending on whether it really modifies a noun or stands on its own. As a rule of thumb, try replacing "this"(these) with "my" or "your". If you have to use "mine" or "yours" in English, it means the pronoun is on its own.

To give you a word-for-word translation:

  • This is my computer → Это мой компьютер
  • This computer is mine → Этот компьютер мой.
  • It was a horse. → Это была лошадь.
  • This horse was black. → Эта лошадь была чёрной / чёрная.

When you means "this one", you also treat этот as a pronoun that agrees with the gender/number/case of whatever you decribe. This case is sort of special but it does pop up occasionally:

  • Вы двое — со мной. Этот остаётся здесь. You two go with me. This one stays here.


Reported 6th of October 2019. Still wrong grammar

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