"Noi căutăm un câine."

Translation:We search for a dog.

December 18, 2016

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I'm not a native English speaker... is "We search a dog" totally wrong?


It is not totally wrong but it means something different. "We search a dog" could mean that you are looking or searching for something on a dog. For example "We search a dog for fleas"

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Yes, it's wrong. Use "search for" or "seek." Seek is a better choice for cauta if you don't want to deal with the preposition.

I search for the dog. I seek the dog.


And in my opinion, as a native English speaker, the correct translation given is rather formal and literary. In ordinary conversation one would say "look for" and probably use the present progressive "We are looking for a dog." Duo accepts that as an alternate answer.


@DennisVanBeek - It is wrong in a literary language, but an English speaker would understand what you say.


I think you understand the next line. De zin klopt niet helemaal. To search for is meer we zijn op zoek naar.


what is wrong with "we seek a dog"?


Nothing really. But "search for" or "look for" are more colloquial.


in the ău part in the verb, does the ă not make a dipthong with the u?

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