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  5. "Who will be the President?"

"Who will be the President?"

Translation:Ai sẽ là Tổng thống?

December 18, 2016



Does the first T in Tổng thống have to be capital? Like out of respect or something?


No, you don't need to. Is "P" in the word President have to be capital in the US?


I dont think so. I just noticed that the word "Tổng thống" is capital in the middle of a sentence and thought it might be intended.


The word itself isn't capitalized. Same goes with prime minister. However, if you refer to a person, then you would capitalize it. Ex. President Donald Trump or President Trump, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or Prime Minister Trudeau. That being said, how would you properly write President Tran in Vietnamese? Would it be "Tổng Thống Trần Đại Quang", "Tổng thống Trần Đại Quang", or...?


From what I see in the newspaper here in Vietnam, it's "Chủ tịch nước Trần Đại Quang". Other presidents are "Tổng thống Trump, Tổng thống Duterte, ..."


Yes, when referring to the office of the President of the United States, we capitalize it. It is not capitalized for company presidents.

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