"Acest oraș este un municipiu."

Translation:This city is a municipality.

December 18, 2016

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Maybe it's worth pointing out that the meaning of municipiu differs from municipality in other countries: It means a Romanian town of a certain size and importance. Small towns are not a municipiu; 13 big metropolises, such as Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara, are municipiu de rangul 1 (first-class municipality), smaller but still important ones are "rang 2". București, the capital, sometimes is said to be "rang 0".

With this knowledge I think the sentence is easier to understand.


Another knowledge could be that there are 103 municipalities, of which 13 are first-class municipalities, one city - the capital - is rank 0 municipality and the remaining municipalities are second rank.


Also, in case people haven't realised, it looks like oraș can mean city or town, so the clarification of size is quite useful. It's so common for Romance languages not to have separate words for town and city.


What in México we call "municipio", is usually translated to English as "county". Thanks for the explanation, by the way. Pretty explanatory.


Thanks to Renardo and Gustawsohn, really helpful and the literal translation is meaningless. In England we have some towns and cities that are "unitary authorities" meaning they are not beneath / subservient administratively to counties - that is probably the closest to the meaning as I now understand it.


Yeah would be interesting to see the romanian translation for village and hamlet


"municipiu" = (large) city, usually county capital

"oraș, urbe" = town

"comună" = large village

"sat" = village

"sătuc" = hamlet


what is the origin of ORAS? ?


That is a good question. Sorin Paliga [http://cejsh.icm.edu.pl/cejsh/element/bwmeta1.element.ojs-doi-10_11649_sm_2015_005/c/sm.2015.005-1410.pdf] mentions that he refuted the hypothesis about the hungarian "város" (city); instead he claims Thracian origin, as there are Thracian "place‐names ending in ‐ora, ‐oros, ‐oron". Through this Thracian root the term is related to the Latin "urbs" (city) and "orbis" (world, Earth).


many thanks for the link. I was thinking about urbs-orbis but did not see a real relation with oras Hence my question.

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