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"The words"

February 16, 2013



Does anyone else find palabras incredibly difficult to say?!


here this might help.. when there is a word that gives me issues? i try to sound it out. just like a child might with a "big word" because we are at the level of children's learning.. i don't fight it.. lol ok so..

pah - lah- brahss

another way i try is to turn the syllables into english words and say it faster than normal.. lol.. but this might confuse you..

Paula Bra's lol.. say it very fast and don't get lost in trying to say the actual word.. just use it as a stepping stone.. with the goal of pronouncing it correctly lol..

I used to pronounce mira like.. Mirror but pronounced faster than normal.. and since mirar = to look.. and u can look into a mirror...

like brotha = slang for brother.. lol i think mirra.. for mira.. ok i may have confused the heck out of u.. but hope i gave u some unconventional ways to teach yourself spanish..

but remember the goal is to pronounce the words correctly, so please, do not hold on to this learning crutch forever

;) hoppppeee it helps.. if not, forget everything i said here and do your own thing to learn how to say and recall things better lol.. then share it.. u might help someone?


Debo ser disléxicos!? I wrote it as 'Parablas'.


"disléxico", singular (you are 1 person). But good sentence!


Another option was 'las leyes' - what does this mean?


I don't see what's the problem with las palabras.


I'm fairly new to all this. I'll start with an example; Avenida. Avenue, right? Not according to Flashcards, no, it means Reconciled. Yerrh, at a stretch, maybe via A Veni... or some such reasoning, but I have to say I didn't know that. And it isn't the useage I learned in the lessons. I'm finding this sudden invention of new or obscure meanings for words totally confusing and not that useful when revising in between lessons.

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