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"Se eu como queijo, eu não tomo sopa."

Translation:If I eat cheese, I do not eat soup.

February 16, 2013



Is not to have soup, i speak spanish, which is pretty similar to portuguese, and we say "tomar sopa" (eat soup) instead of "tengo sopa" (to have soup) or "bebo sopa" (drink soup) is just the proper verb we use for that specific case. It's just like playing piano, the translation for play is "jogar" but the real meaning of playing piano is to generate music not to play with it, if we translate the exacts words from spanish to english we would said "to touch piano" so is just exception to the rule.
hope you have understand me


Man I speak Spanish and English and after twenty years of speaking both I still don't understand why in English we eat yogurt and eat soup but in Spanish tomamos yogurt y tomamos sopa, en vez de comer yogurt y comer sopa.


I mean obviously I understand que la sopa se toma, no se come, e igual con el yogurt, but the discrepancy between languages just doesn't fit into my tiny little brain.


We don't drink yogurt, we eat yogurt. Yogurt is not a soup


Why is "i don't take soup" invalid? even though it sounds like bad english to me, i would say i WONT take/have soup.


it doesn't accept wont without the contraction apostrophe... I tried... only won't. Lost a heart for that ishh... :(


Wondering the same!


if I eat cheese I do not take soup, this answer is also right


But in English it s take soup, so why it s wrong?


it's just a tip:

tomar sopa = correct (better choice)

comer sopa = correct

beber sopa = wrong


In line with other comments, common English usage is to "take" or "have" soup rather than "eat" or "drink".


What exactly does "eu tomo" mean? I'm guessing you drink soup rather than eat it, but how is it different from "eu bebo"

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"Tomar sopa" = "To have soup". It's the same as to drink, that's just how people say it, probably because not every soup can be easily drank.


Of course we eat soup, but it just so happens that in brasil, we take our soup... But this Dulingo Grammar/ Auto Correct is killing me. Give me my hearts back!


but then, why does not it offer "have" (only take) as word translation? tomar seems to me a very universal verb...


In portuguese we drink soup not eat but we don't use the verb drink = beber. The correct is tomar something like take.

Lets eat a soup Vamos tomar uma sopa


Shouldn't "when i eat cheese, I don't eat soup" be accepted also?


so to sums everythink up, tomar is a specific verb used only when referring to soup, or it can be used in other cases as well ? and if yes, in which cases ?


Confused here. Why is it not, eu não como sopa. I thought tomo was meaning I touch


Perhaps you are thinking of "Eu toco" - I touch, I play (an instrument). Here "tomar" seems to mean something along the lines of "I take (in)" as used with beverages, some foods like soups, and medicine.

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