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  5. "Tastaturile sunt fără cablu."

"Tastaturile sunt fără cablu."

Translation:The keyboards are without a cable.

December 18, 2016



We would say either "the keyboards are wireless" or "the keyboards do not have cables."


I agree that "the keyboards are without a cable" is very awkward in English. But it does show that one knows exactly what the Romanian means. It's what Romanians would call a "motamo" translation (traducere motamo, from the French mot a mot), and they themselves would laugh at it a bit. Still, we can learn from it, and it highlights the difference between Romanian idiom and English language idiom. Good Romanian syntax is sometimes bad English syntax, and that's a real key to idiomatic language learning.


Yes but there's no need for Duolingo to offer awkward English sentences that are word for word translations of Romanian. We can easily see the differences in sentence structure between the languages by comparing sentences that are viable in each language.


'The keyboards are cordless' should be accepted


Please report it to DL and see if they will accept "cordless".


It still makes sense for me, I imagine a heap of old damaged keyboards, with all the wires cut. Have seen them many time in our R&D and IT depts... :)


The pronunciation of the word "tastaturile" is awful...


Correct. The bot is wrong, the stress is on the "tu" syllable, not on the "ta". We say "tas-ta-'tu-ri-le".


Why is there not an a

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