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  5. "I can't afford a new suit."

"I can't afford a new suit."

Translation:Dw i ddim yn gallu fforddio siwt newydd.

December 18, 2016



I answered, "Fedra i ddim fforddio siwt newydd." and was marked incorrect. Could someone please tell me why this is wrong? Thanks!

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Perfectly correct and added now thanks for the post.

Your use of the short form of the verb is a bit advanced for this unit but it's added as an alternative now.


I think it's good to accommodate people who did not start the Duolingo course with zero Welsh, but who already have some knowledge that they want to refresh and expand.

I'd use fedra i ddim for "I cannot" by default as well, based on what I had learned previously.

So thank you for adding it :)


Why fedra i instead of fedrwn i ? I thought medrwn and gallwn both conjugate using wn i, et ti, ai hi etc

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