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Learn Vietnamese and improve your listening skills with Dan Hauer

I thought I'd share something that could interest both the Vietnamese learners and the English learners here. I have been struggling to find some TV shows, movies or youtube channel to learn Vietnamese with Vietnamese subtitles. If we go for Vietnamese audio and English subtitles, we can find a few more things (like on Viki), but sometimes the translation to English is not accurate (so it's hard to translate it back into Vietnamese to find out what has been said) and it's almost impossible to phonetically guess the words uttered by native speakers due to the huge variety of similar sounds in Vietnamese, the six tones and the pace. The speed at which people speak can really be a problem because... between duolingo (or Vietnamese taught in online lessons or books with audio) and the real life language, there's a huge step. So what could possibly come in-between? A fluent (or almost) non-native speaker :) I stumbled upon Dan Hauer's channel, an american guy who teaches English to Vietnamese speakers in Vietnamese, and he provides the (accurate) English subtitles too in his videos. His Northern accent is not perfectly "standard", but very understandable as he speaks slower than native speakers, but faster than what you can hear in online Vietnamese lessons. Also, he uses many interesting and useful vocabulary words, talks about common Vietnamese expressions and how to translate them in English properly... Really I think it's a gem for both Vietnamese and English learners altogether. His channel is popular, over 300 000 subscribers, and he steadily posts new videos every Thursday, so you might never run out of content. Personally I think it's great to enhance your listening skills and boost your vocabulary. I wish I had found it earlier! Happy learning! Cố lên nhé!


December 19, 2016



Pretty good resource. He obviously has a strong mastery of both languages and his lessons are useful. In my amateur opinion his pronunciation is ~92% there, but it is very very easy to understand. Great for vocab and getting a taste for translating idioms, thanks!


Dan Hauer sẽ rất vui nếu đọc được điều này :)


I don't think it is a good idea. Though his speaking skills are quite good, it is nowhere close to standard. Learning speaking from him is like learning English from a French, not only hard but also not efficient.


Well you got a good point haha. It wouldn't be a good idea to learn Vietnamese pronunciation from him. Also, I am well aware that the way he structures his sentences is not always natural for a Vietnamese speaker. It's just that, due to the lack of good free ressources to learn Vietnamese, you can resort to his videos to learn more vocabulary and to practise listening. Personally, I found it quite useful, allowing me to better understand native speakers. Furthermore, before he releases a new video, his content/script gets checked by native speakers so we can at least be sure that he's not going to say some nonsensical stuff.


Yeah, I agree that his is one of good available sources to learn Vietnamese. His vocabulary is quite good he's fluent in Vietnamese.


Learn Vietnamese? I think it use to learn English from Vietnamese.


Yeah! but you can still use it as a ressource to learn Vietnamese because the guy speaks in Vietnamese and we have English subtitles to understand.


I found this content very useful. It allows you to look at disconnects between vietnamese and english. I personally like rowdy dan vs studious dan skits.

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