"un suc"

Translation:one glass of juice

December 19, 2016

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"A juice" is considered as a wrong answer?!


"Glass of juice" was marked wrong too..


In English, I would say, "A glass of juice," or, "A cup of juice," or, "A kind of juice," or, "A type of juice."


In Romanian it can mean all of those things.

Bear in mind though that many sentences are forced to stress the usage of the language that you are learning. It's something common all over Duolingo.

On the other hand, if you see a mistake or an alternate translation, please report it.


i never noticed this before and im romanian


Un pahar de suc would be more logical


Un suc=a juice Un pahar de suc=a glass of juice

Romanian, nor any language should be based on how a native English speaker would assume it to be, because English is English and not Romanian or other languages. I am a native English speaker and lived in Romania for 3 almost 4 years now and if I want suc I simply ask avem suc? We have juice? I have never ever asked for "a glass of" anything nor have I ever heard of such from others. They ask for "un pahar" or "o glasă" then seperately may ask for suc, lapte, apă etc...this is not correct.


It would be good if duolingo clarified some of these rules and nuances so we didnt get them wrong through ignorance.


I am English and in this context it is widely accepted to say 'a juice' for 'un suc'. Chuck in pahar and i could accept the argument to say the correct English but let's be realistic anout the spoken language rathan than trying to say what is grammatically correct.


Un pahar de suc =one glass of juice


There is no glass (bahar)on the sentence


In Catalan we also say "un suc", and it's pronounced exactly the same.


Duolingo gave me a "Select the missing word" question. It said "un..." and the options were "suc" or "cafea". I selected "cafea" and it said this is wrong. Is it a different gender or something?


Yes, just our luck, "cafea" is feminine and would be "o cafea" and "ceai" is masculine and would be "un ceai", but "suc" is neuter which uses the masculine definite ending in singular "un suc" and feminine definite ending in plural.





Ceai used to indicate the beverage is also a neuter noun. Un ceai - Două ceaiuri.

The masculine noun "ceai" refers to the tea plant and is a plural defective noun i.e. it has no plural form.


Could anyone please explain in simply way the cases of nouns N,J,D,A....thanks in advance.


It's N, G, A, D, V.

I don't actually know what they're for either


Why does it make us answer "a loaf of bread" but will not accept "a glass of juice?" I was trying to be consistent ...


Bună ce faceți eu știu acum română


This is too early in the course for me to understand what you wrote. Please offer a translation (doesn't have to be English; Spanish or Italian work for me too)


The word galss is not there it's just a juice it's not a cup of juice or a glass of juice


a juice is apparently wrong


This should be translated= a juice... Where does the "a glass of juice" coming from ? :)))


Well, in Portuguese we can say "a juice (um suco)" or as English speakers: "a glass of juice (um copo de suco)". The "un suc" sounds the same as "um suco", so if you're a little lost I recommend learning Portuguese because it will help a lot to understand questions like this


I'm russian speaker. Therefore if i want to learn a romance language i have translate it into germanic language and then into slavic. Please, consider simplifing this type of questions. Theese strict rules mean nothing but confusion and demotivation.


They did not say un pahar de suc.!!!!


This make no sense where is pahar in that.


I have to say this. I tried to be polite, but this course is very stupid as a whole. Nobody speaks Romanian in the way you teach people on here. A juice is un suc while a glass of juice is un pahar de suc. Such a waisting of time, people, you should avoid this crap.


Where is 'glass'


Un suc poate fi și într-o sticlă sau într-o căldare


Last I checked "un" was one, but french, but yeah sure...


What, it has to be ONE glass of juice? Even the underlined translation of the sentence didn't say that


Oh hey there's a cognate of this in esperanto: Suko (unu glaso da suko)


Bruh ❤❤❤ how is juice incorrect


They said a glass off juice and at end it was one glass off juice

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