"Zece, douăzeci, treizeci, patruzeci, cincizeci, șaizeci, șaptezeci, optzeci, nouăzeci, o sută"

Translation:Ten, twenty, thirty, forty, fifty, sixty, seventy, eighty, ninety, one hundred

December 19, 2016

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This text is too long for a beginner. :(


Yeah, I agree: I swear every time I get this question. I suggest splitting it in half and making two questions?

Also there is an audio bug on "șaizeci".


I think, cincizeci sounds strange.


according to several websites it should be pronounced irregularly: cin-zeci, cin-sprezece,

e.g. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/cincizeci


Șaizeci este pronunțat corect acum.


I've been typing a couple letters, then copying the correct answer to a text document. Then when it comes up with the ones I got wrong I don;t have to try and spell ten Romanian words at once.


And I thought Hungarian sentences were long. Nagyon hosszú!


same with me, too long


This should appear in a random order because once you translate the first few words and spot the pattern, the rest is just practising your counting skills!


exactly, especially to confuse someone


This text is too long, especially on timer. This is a problem with quite a few of the sentences in this course. It takes longer to type than the 30 seconds you have to begin with.


They let you enter the numerical version now.


no, they do not\


are there any linguists here ? if yes I have a question : Indo European languages are divided in two groups Eastern and Wertern according to the way they say ONE HUNDRED in Sanskrit and Latin. The Eastern group is called the SATEM group and the Western group is called the KENTUM group. Now I see that Romanian uses SUTA for one hundred. This is more SATEM than KENTUM. But Romanian does belong to the KENTUM group, or not ?


I would say it's more of a satem language. The Romanian word for 100 is far more similar to Sanskrit than it is to Latin


Unfortunately, I don't speak Romanian yet, but I guess that here is some opinion about that subject (just cheat with Google translation ;) https://cabalinkabul.wordpress.com/2013/12/27/irelevanta-criteriului-centum-satem-in-lingvistica-indo-europeana/

(the comments on the page do not seem to agree, but still one gets some impression...)


well, i must thank you from the bottom of my heart. This is by far the best information I have received on the SATEM-KENTUM controversy. Though I don't speak Romanian either and just started studying it 2 weeks ago, i understand it pretty well when reading because my mother tongue is French and I speak very fluently Spanish-Portuguese and Italian. I also studied Latin and Classical Greek in my youth. I live in South America since over 28 years now.Thanks again.


i just gave you a lingot. wanted to give you more but it looks like one can only give one ??


I was able to give you three ;-) But thank you for your appreciation!


I got this during timed practice...


why is "a hundred" wrong - wouldn't "one hundred" be "una suta" (with accent)?


The sentence is too long for beginners


Whoever came up with this monster of a sentence for this course was not aware (or ignorant on) how frustrating it is to have to hack all this into the app by means of a mobile device's keyboard. You give your best, and then when you are finally done, you figure out that you made a typo. Redo. Vai de mine!!! AAAAAAAHHHHH.


I forgot Șaizeci. Too bad I didnt get "almost correct." I tried so hard.


Now the answer is already pretyped and we only have to listen. Not if it is ok


absurd, of all answers this is where a numeric solution should be accepted


I can answer with digits as follows: 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100


I worked it out by translating it out loud a couple of tines before typing

[deactivated user]

    Thanks for that. My favourite question ever!


    one hundred is not given as an option for the English answer


    "forty" and "seventy" are missing in the list of word options in English


    I cannot ser what I write The cursor is not onthe visible part of the screen


    I did nothing. The answer was already completed for me

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