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"The coach did not kick the athlete."

Translation:Ο προπονητής δεν κλώτσησε τον αθλητή.

December 19, 2016



Η προπονητής δεν κλώτσησε την αθλήτρια. why is this wrong - an athleten can be woman or man


It's wrong because of the η προπονητής. The feminine is η προπονήτρια.


shouldn't be "τον αθλητον" ?


shouldn't be "τον αθλητον" ?

No. It's not ο αθλητός (2nd declension), after all, but ο αθλητής (1st declension), so the accusative is τον αθλητή, not τον αθλητό.

(And keeping the final -ν in the accusative of a noun is Ancient Greek.)


maybe i am missing something about this declension you mentioned. Could you please share a link where i can read a bit more about this? or just tell me what i should look for. thanks a lot!


https://www.foundalis.com/lan/grknouns.htm , i ve read more about it. i think i got it, thanks =)

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